Solarfields is a full service renewable energy company. We feel the urgency to support the Netherlands in reaching its sustainability goals.  That is why we develop, finance, build and manage large solar parks. More renewable electricity production with less CO2 emissions, local support by having the local community participate in the development of the park and a stable income for the landowner.

Solarfields has been market leader in the Netherlands for large-scale solar projects since 2014. They develop, build and manage solar projects on ground, water and on large rooftops. Solarfields currently have installed over 450,000 solar modules at 12 solar parks, which are always managed by Solarfields services. They currently have another 150 solar projects under development, including projects on special locations such as dikes and carports. But they have raised the bar even further, which is a necessity to achieve their ambition: to provide around 1 million Dutch households with sustainable electricity by 2030. This is approximately 20% of the objective of the Dutch government.


  • Global Business Development, Economics, and Business majors are preferred.
  • Being in 3rd year and master students is a plus. 
  • No work experience required but having one is an advantage.
  • Language: Dutch and English