A dialogue on Leadership, Strategy, and Success

What makes a business leader successful? How can you make an Organization perform? Why is leadership so important? We will sit down with three high-ranking executives to discuss what principles create a powerful mindset for success – whether you are in a business or not. In this event, you will hear Diana Wright, Irene Koepel, and Justin Facey discuss the evolution of their careers, their biggest life lessons, and their leadership insights. You will also hear about their strategies to make an Organization perform, lead in a time of crisis, and create a successful and powerful team culture. Ready to hear from the best? Sign up now and reserve your spot!

Invited Guests

Diana Wright
COO of GNP Seguros

Justin Facey
CEO of Kensa Logistics

Irene Koepel
CFO of BMW Group Financial Services Netherlands

Diana Wright is currently the Chief Operating Officer of GNP Seguros, an insurance company with more than one-hundred years of experience in the market. As one of the most important insurance providers in Mexico, GNP covers approximately 20% of the Mexican insurance company market. Diana Wright leads more than 3,000 employees and has decades of experience. Join IBF Talks and take your professional life to the next level!

Justin Facey is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Kensa Logistics, a growing logistics company in Mexico. The company achieved an operating growth of more than 30% during the Covid-19 Pandemic under his leadership. A high-ranking executive with more than 20 years of experience, Justin Facey is an expert in International Logistics, International Trade, and Management. Join IBF Talks and learn from the best!

Irene Koepel is currently the Chief Financial Officer of BMW Group Financial Services Netherlands. She previously held high-ranking positions within BMW Group such as the Head of Regional Office Europe, Middle East, and Africa. She also served as the CFO Importer Region Africa, Caribbean, and Eastern Europe. Join us and listen to the experience of a corporate legend!

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