The International Business Fair is the yearly career event at Erasmus University focused on international students.

What is IBF?

The International Business Fair is the week-long flagship corporate event of International Students Rotterdam (ISR), and is organised in collaboration with 3 other Erasmus University associations: the International Finance Student Association (IFSA), Erasmus Tech Community and Women’s Business Network (WBN). These associations, together with their partners, all represent their field of interest during the event to provide you with maximum exposure to really discover your passion. The IBF is thus an all-inclusive event for you to immerse yourself in various career opportunities by networking with alumni and recruiters, discovering companies and industries, and we will provide you with the right tools and knowledge to ultimately kickstart your career. This year, companies partnering with IBF will provide you with a range of events from workshops to networking dinners and case days.

Are you ready to discover your passion and climb the mountain of success? Then stay tuned for IBF 2023!

What does IBF offer?

CV-selected Events

By means of our CV-selected events, we make sure you and the company are a perfect match, while taking your preferences into account. 

The companies you are interested in will also receive your CV, so they can contact you whenever there is an internship opportunity or entry-level job position available, which would match your experience.

Open Events

Apart from the CV-selected events there will be enough opportunities for you that will not require CV-screening. 

These open events will for example be in the form of speaker events and open trainings. You will still be able to upload your CV for the companies and recruiters to see, however, your selection to participate will not depend on it.

A Network

We understand that networking can sometimes be frightening. Luckily, the IBF provides you with the perfect networking opportunities with a broad range of caompanies, recruiters, students, and alumni already working in the field of your interest. 

Through our (in)formal events, networking will be made easy for you, so there are no hurdles on your way to success.



Stay tuned for the announcement!


Companies & Events

Who can you meet this year?

IBF Partners

IBF is a collaboration between 4 erasmus university associations:

Our Team

IBF is the flagship event of International Students Rotterdam (ISR), and organised by the IBF Committee in collaboration with our partners.

Miguel Ángel Alcolea

IBF Officer

(General coordination and leading of the whole team)

Erkaiym Saparalieva

Marketing Officer(Marketing strategy & execution, Brand appearance & Strategy, Website Development)

Froogh Karimi

IBF Coordinator (SUPPORTIVE TASKS, Acquisitions Team Coordination)


Selina Rezk



Arham Jain


(Contacting, negotiating with companies)

Melina Filippakopoulou

Logistics manager

Sofiia Chernysh

marketing manager

(Brand appearance, social media & graphic design)

Nuray Mammadova

Marketing Manager

(Brand Appearance, Social Media & graphic design)

In collaboration with is an online network for students, graduates and employers that makes it easier to find a job you love or the talent you need. Job seekers discover relevant jobs based on their profile and likes of jobs, and a little help from our algorithm. And you build a network by connecting with companies interested in you. Employers send their likes and connections messages, instead of spamming cold reach outs.

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Contact Us

We always try our best to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Please use the contact form on the right to ask questions, give suggestions or feedback. 

We will see you at IBF 2023!

International Business Fair

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